17 de setembro de 2009 Comentários desligados

André Abe Vicente I received a bachelor’s degree in computer science from West University of Paraná in 2006.  I’m a M.Sc. in computer science (Software Engineering – LabES) at University of São Paulo (ICMC-USP) since 2010.  I´m working as a Testing Analyst at  Techne Engenharia e Sistemas (São Paulo-SP) from July 2010 to April 2012. Actually I´m working as quality analyst at PagSeguro/UOL (Online payment solution, leader in brazilian market). More details in my LinkedIn: br.linkedin.com/in/andvicente/

I lived in São Carlos – SP – Brazil from 2007 to May/2010. Due to the relatively high number of high technology industries situated in the city, it was nicknamed “The Capital of Technology”. Besides that, the city has a incredible rate of 1:180 doctor researchers per  inhabitants (statistics from 2009).  Before living here in São Carlos, I lived in Cascavel-PR [Localization] a city that has as main economic activity the agriculture. Cascavel is responsible for 26% of the total production of cereals in the state of Paraná.  Cascavel also has one of the most advanced medical centers of the state. Since Jully, 2010 I have been living in São Paulo-SP,  working in IT area as Quality Analyst.

Well…my area in computer science is software engineering and more specifically agile software development and software testing. In my website you’ll find:

  • Research: my research interests, groups/people research on agile and SE, events…
  • Resources: you’ll find documents related to my Bsc. and Msc. degree.
  • CV and Publications: my curriculum vitae, including my publications (papers, dissertation, monography…).
  • About Me: somethings about me besides the study 🙂
  • Contact: my contacts by mail, instant messengers…